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Welcome to Selworthy School

A Specialist Centre for Cognition and Learning

Selworthy is a co educational special school for children and young people with learning disabilities aged 4 – 19. Situated in a pleasant area on the northern edge of Taunton, the school enjoys support from parents and carers, businesses and the local community. The school is non denominational, though there are close links with the local parish church of St Peter’s.

Being part of Selworthy School is like belonging to a family. Children and young people, parents and carers, staff, local residents and visitors are welcomed into a happy and purposeful community where everyone is challenged to go on a learning journey and maximise achievement.

“Field for Selworthy School”

Thank you Antony Gormley for the inspiration!

Selworthy is a popular, oversubscribed school with 80 plus learners grouped into 12 classes. Form tutors and specialists make up the 20 members of the teaching staff. There are 65 teaching assistants, plus other support staff.

Selworthy School is proud of the work it does on a regional and national stage and enjoys the prestige of winning two national ICT Excellence Awards and Teaching Awards.

Here are some policies and information that underpin Selworthy School.

Our aims and values

At Selworthy School we put the young person at the centre of all we do. We strongly

believe that the school has to fit the learner and not the other way around.

What do we want for our pupils?

  • To be as independent as possible
  • To be confident, self-assured and happy
  • To have good communication skills
  • To make excellent progress in key skills that widen choices in adult life
  • To develop talents
  • To play a part in a community
  • To make financially sound choices to the best of their abilities
  • To be creative and to manage change
  • To be able to work in a team
  • To be able to make safe and healthy choices
  • To behave in a safe and socially acceptable way
  • To be proud of their achievements
  • To respect all people and their views equally

Selworthy School aims to:

  • Set high expectations and aspirations for pupils’ personal, social,economic and academic progress
  • Provide a safe, happy, caring environment in which pupils feel secure
  • Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that prepares pupils for life beyond school
  • Use innovative teaching methods, utilising a broad range of learning resources
  • Provide stimulating and challenging experiences that nurture talent and offer each child opportunities to enjoy success
  • Offer a wide range of learning experiences that contribute to and are enriched by the life of the local, national and international community
  • Promote values where each child’s achievements are celebrated
  • Create an effective partnership between school, parents, other professionals and the community
  • Be a centre of expertise, offering outreach for schools and advice for professionals and the community

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